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Auto Body Repair in Hayward, CA

Finding a reliable and trustworthy place for auto body repair is made easy with Rainbow Auto Center.

As Hayward, CA’s most reliable shop for accident repair, Rainbow Auto Center has served the East Bay Area with pride since 1929. We ensure that every vehicle we work on earns your complete satisfaction and nothing less. If your vehicle has suffered serious collision damage, our experienced automotive technicians will thoroughly assess the situation and give you a quote for repairs. We offer a 24 hour towing service and our staff will help you through the insurance claim process.

Let the team at Rainbow Auto Center handle all of your auto body repair needs. We will get your car back up and running as quickly as soon as possible.

Contact us today to receive a quote. We look forward to meeting you.

It can be quite a day-ruiner to have dents, scratches and dings on a car that insurance simply will not cover. Whether it is the result of weather, other drivers, or an accident that was the driver’s fault, needing auto body repair can be a frustrating experience. Here at the Rainbow Auto Center, we want to ensure that we give all of our clients the lowest prices, while still providing quality auto body repair in Hayward, CA. From auto glass repair to auto painting, we provide every auto body service available to our customers.

Simply bring or tow in your vehicle for a quick and reasonable estimate within minutes. Our Rainbow Auto Center experts will go over your vehicle in precise detail, providing you with a quick and reasonable estimate of any work needed. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we also use the latest technology in auto body repair in Hayward, with exact paint matching, so that it never looks as if your vehicle was in an accident or incident. In addition to being experts at accident restoration and repair and auto body repair, Rainbow Auto Center provides many other services to our clients for convenience.

In addition to being the best auto body shop in Hayward, we offer services such as 24-hour towing, brake and tire repair and maintenance, steering and suspension service, air conditioning and cooling repair, and engine tune-ups. We will even help you negotiate with your insurance company if there is a claim to be filed, and provide you with rental car assistance and help 24 hours a day.

In addition, we are one of the few shops providing auto body repair in Hayward open on Saturdays, because we know our clients have a busy schedule, and may need weekend hours. If you are unable to procure or do not want a rental car, we will gladly give you a ride home while your vehicle is being worked on.

Rainbow Auto Center also offers a written warranty for the full amount of time that you own your vehicle, with a lifetime warranty on all body and paint work on the auto. When you choose Rainbow Auto Center, you are choosing the best auto body repair shop in Hayward, CA. To schedule an appointment for estimate or to just learn more about Rainbow Auto Center, call (510)581-1100 today to speak with a friendly and professional member of our staff.