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When you bring a car in for service, no matter what type of service, the car owner can often feel apprehensive. Fears about length of time going without transportation, and fears about cost can make any type of car repair an overwhelmingly bad experience. Here at the Rainbow Auto Center, we want all of our clients to walk away with a positive experience, even over car repairs. As the top auto repair shop in Hayward, CA, we offer our clients a host of repair services, from auto body and collision repair to engine overhauling. You can even come to Rainbow to have your windshield replaced – all at the most affordable car repair shop in Hayward.

What exactly sets Rainbow Auto Center apart from the competition? We employ honesty as the best policy from the start, and charge our clients the most affordable rate possible. Many of our clients come into Rainbow for auto body car repairs in Hayward. When insurance companies are involved, this can often be a headache. Here at Rainbow, we’ll walk you through your insurance claims, get you an estimate as quickly as possible, and restore your car to factory finish in no time. Part of what sets us head and shoulders above the rest is our willingness to deal with the paperwork and claims end of things.

With customer service our top priority, we also keep Saturday hours, which is different than many other auto repair shops in Hayward, CA. We understand that schedules can be busy and hectic, and not everyone can take a weekday off to have their car fixed or serviced. In addition to Saturday hours, we provide 24-hour rental service and 24-hour towing, for when our clients need it the most. In addition, if you do not need nor want a rental car, we will gladly give you a ride back to your residence or place of employment while your auto is being fixed.

We do our very best to provide the most exact estimate possible. While a flow chart is a terrific guide to length of time, please call for exact dates and times for your vehicle. For an estimate, to find out more about Rainbow Auto Center, or to make an appointment with the very best in car repair shops in Hayward, please call us at (510)581-1100 to speak with a member of our professional staff. From auto body work, to paint matching, to tune-ups, we want to build our clientele for life.

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