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Nearly every car owner has experienced some kind of ding or scratch in their windshield on a car that they have owned. Whether it is the result of flying debris, or the vehicle has been involved in an accident, auto glass repairs have a tendency to be inconvenient and costly. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we want each of our clients to have the best experience when replacing auto glass in Hayward, CA. With our convenient Saturday hours, low costs, and expert technicians, we can replace or fix any and all auto glass problems in no time at all.

Even the smallest of dings can cause a windshield to be compromised. Putting off auto glass replacement is not a good idea, and can result in the entire windshield shattering. This could even occur while driving, so operating the vehicle with any kind of window damage is a serious safety issue. If you are pulled over and have a significant ding or crack in your windshield, you also run the risk of having an officer issue you a ticket. It is always best to take care of auto glass problems as soon as they arise.

As the best shop offering auto glass repair in Hayward, our expert technicians will look at your vehicle, and give you a fair and reasonable estimate within minutes. In addition to convenient Saturday hours, Rainbow Auto Center also provides you with a ride to your business or residence if you need one, while your car is being serviced. We also offer 24-hour rental services, for those clients who would prefer a rental while their car is being worked on. In cases of an undriveable car because of a windshield, we also offer 24-hour towing.

If your windshield has been cracked or damaged as the result of an accident, Rainbow Auto Center will gladly speak with your insurance company for you. In addition to being the best at auto glass repair in Hayward, we are willing to be a liaison to your insurance company, or to help you understand claims, walking you through them each step of the way. Customer service is our number one priority.

To make an appointment for an estimate for Hayward auto glass repair, or to find out more about some of our other services, please call Rainbow Auto Center at (510) 581-1100 to speak with a professional member of our staff. At Rainbow, we want to build our clientele for life.

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