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Sometimes, after a fender bender or simply after wear and tear, a little TLC is needed to make a car look as if it just rolled off of the assembly line. In modern times, however, everyone’s lives can be incredibly hectic and busy, and it can sometimes be hard to make time for an auto body or paint appointment. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we want to make that experience as seamless as possible. We are the best shop for auto painting in Hayward, CA, and want all of our customers to have the best experience possible.

Many shops offer quick services to pop out a dent, or to do a quick color match, often performed by eyeballing the color to match it. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we use a PPG computerized auto paint matching system to ensure that the color is a 100 percent match. Modern cars have layers of paint beneath them, making color matching even more challenging without state of the art equipment. Our computerized equipment easily matches every layer, so it appears as if your car has never been nicked or damaged in any way. We can restore any car to its factory finish, from the fenders to the paint.

Our specialty is treating automobiles after they have been in an accident, but we will gladly take any painting job. We also offer other conveniences to our clients so making and keeping an appointment is much easier. We hold Saturday hours, because we know all of our clients have busy lives. We will also speak to your insurance company for you, if there has been an accident. This is often the toughest part of being in a fender bender, and we’ll gladly take on that role as middleman. Also, if your car needs extensive work and needs to be with us for more than a day, we will find a rental car for you. We will also drive you home so that you do not need to wait at the shop all day.

To find out more about the best auto body shop and shop for auto painting in Hayward, CA, give -Rainbow Auto Center a call today at (510) 581-1100. In addition to being an auto body and paint shop, we are fully accredited mechanics, so we can be your absolute one stop shop for any and all auto needs in Hayward.


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