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Cars need regular maintenance to improve their longevity and stability, and to keep them running well over time. With a modern, busy lifestyle, getting a car its needed maintenance or a tune up can be put off for weeks, and sometimes even months. This can cause a whole host of problems, such as poor fuel mileage, trouble starting to car, or even emissions problems. Those looking for the best auto tune up in Hayward, CA should look no further than Rainbow Auto Center for all of their vehicle maintenance needs. We strive for quality workmanship, the ultimate in customer service, and convenience so that our customers keep coming back to us for their maintenance needs again and again.

One of the main things that can cause a client to put off an auto tune up in Hayward is lack of time. Here at Rainbow, you can drop your car off, and we will either call and find you a rental for the day, or we will gladly take you back to your place of business or residence and let you know when your car is finished. Unlike other shops specializing in auto tune up in Hayward, CA, we also have convenient Saturday hours, so that you can even get an auto tune up on the weekend.

Clients often forget to have regular maintenance performed on a car, and bring their vehicle into us when it is already in crisis. Often, the vehicle is only in need of a quick tune up. Here at Rainbow, we thoroughly check the battery voltage, dynamic compression, engine vacuum, idle speed, and ignition timing. We also check and diagnose any fault codes that may be lighting on the dashboard. A check engine light could really just be indicative of a car that needs a quick emissions fix, or a new set of spark plugs. Putting these types of repairs off, however, can cost both time and money in the end.

If more repairs than just an auto tune up in Hayward, CA are needed, Rainbow Auto Repair’s expertly trained mechanics can fix any type of problem. We are specialists in auto glass and body work, but our mechanics are trained and certified in all areas of auto mechanics, including air conditioning and heating fixes, muffler problems, brake issues, and even complete engine reconstruction.

Let us be your go-to mechanic for any and all needs for car repair in Hayward. Rainbow Auto Center is a one-stop shop when it comes ot any type of car repair or maintenance need. To learn more about our convenient hours, our low rates, or our proficiency in mechanics and body repair, give Rainbow Auto Center a call at (510) 581-1100 to speak with a professional member of our staff.

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