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While every function and component on a car is important, it is never a good idea to put off any type of brake repair. A car driver may be able to ignore a check engine light or a clunking sound for a few weeks, but brake problems could easily go from being minor to major in a matter of days, and driving the vehicle can become a safety issue. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we are committed to being the best brake shop in Hayward, CA. Not only are we committed to being the best at repair and customer service, we also pride ourselves on our competitive rates and affordability.

Brake problems do not always require complete brake repair, as the vehicle could just need a change of pads, and sometimes the rotors. There are some warning signs that drivers should not ignore, and these may be indicative of a brake problem. These include warning lights on the dashboard, such as the ABS (anti-lock brake system) light, or the red brake light. While the ABS light could indicate a problem with the anti-lock system, the other brake light could indicate an imbalance within the brakes. Drivers should also not ignore a spongy feel in the brakes when they are driving. If the brake pedal suddenly seems to go further to the floor when pressed, it is definitely time for a brake checkup. Also, brake noises such as squeals and rattles should not be ignored.

Here at Rainbow, we know that there is not always time in the workweek to simply bring a car in for repair. Because of this, we offer our convenient Saturday hours, so that clients can bring their car in for repair on the weekends. For a longer repair, we will also find you a car rental if you need one, or we will drop you off at your place of business or residence while your car is being repaired.

Not only is Rainbow Auto Repair the best brake shop in Hayward, CA, we are a perfect match for all of your car repair and maintenance needs. We specialize in auto body and auto glass repair, but all of our mechanics are also expertly trained and certified in all types of repair, such as repair for cooling and heating systems, electrical problems, maintenance and tune ups, and even complete engine overhauls.

Don’t ignore brake problems, and take your car to the top brake shop in Hayward. To make an appointment, or to learn more about our services and convenient hours, give Rainbow Auto Center a call at (510) 581-1100 to speak with a courteous, professional member of our staff. We want to build our clients for life.

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