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Car repair and maintenance is a necessary evil when it comes to being a car owner. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we want each car repair or maintenance visit to go as efficiently and easily as possible for our clients. Car owners have a tendency to put off service and maintenance, and this is often a bad idea. Because of the high price of typical maintenance and car repair, and inconveniently going without a car for a few hours of days, repairs can get put off for months. As the best Hayward, CA auto mechanic, Rainbow Auto Center offers convenient hours and times for you to drop off your vehicle. With even convenient Saturday hours, there is never a need to take time off of work for car repairs. We will even find any client a rental, with rental car services 24 hours a day, or gladly give you a ride home while your car is being serviced.

Dashboard indicators can often mean that there is something seriously wrong with an automobile. It isn’t a good idea to put off having your vehicle checked once the dashboard light has indicated a problem. Common dashboard indicator lights include: the check engine light, the battery light, a coolant temperature or thermostat warning, an oil change reminder or oil pressure light, an ABS or brake system light, a reduced power warning, or tire pressure light. Some makes and models of vehicles are also quipped with a “Service Vehicle Soon” light. This really does mean that the vehicle should be checked over by a certified mechanic.

Any one of these lights are indicative of a serious problem. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we are the best auto mechanic shop in Hayward, CA. Our expert and professionally trained technicians and mechanics  can hook your vehicle up to a state-of-the-art diagnostics system, so that we can easily tell what needs to be fixed on your vehicle. Many parts we do have in stock, but some may need to be ordered. We guarantee that we will fix your vehicle completely and professionally, and as son as possible.

If your repair is the result of your vehicle being involved in an accident, we will gladly intervene and talk to the insurance company on your behalf. We are more than happy to guide you through any step of the claims process.

Our top mechanics here at Rainbow fix much more than problems associated with dashboard indicator lights. Choose us as your car mechanic in Hayward for any and all needs, such as engine tune-ups or complete overhauls, air conditioning and heating repairs, brake problem issues, muffler problems, and even suspension and tire issues. We are also a complete auto body shop in Hayward, fixing any type of scratch or dent, and we also specialize in auto glass repair.

Treat yourself to the best auto mechanic in Hayward by calling us at Rainbow Auto Center. To schedule service, call (510) 581-1100 to speak to a member of our professional staff.

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