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One of the most important things when it comes to extending a car’s longevity is maintenance. With a hectic schedule, regular tune-ups and oil changes can be ignored, and drivers go thousands of miles past where they should before bringing their car in for service. Here at Rainbow Auto Center, we understand how hectic life can be, but cannot stress enough the importance of maintenance. We offer a full array of auto maintenance services in Hayward, CA, from a simple oil change, to a diagnostic test of your dashboard lights. We want all of your car maintenance and servicing experiences to be as seamless as possible.

A large part of our business deals with auto body work, auto painting, and auto glass, but Rainbow Auto Center is a fully accredited mechanic shop, and we can perform nearly any job to keep your vehicle running smoothly and correctly, elongating its life. If you happen to be at Rainbow for auto bodywork, we can be your one stop shop, so you can get all of your vehicle services done in one place, never having to go to different shops for different jobs again.

If you have dashboard light indicators lighting up, you should bring your car in immediately for a simple diagnostic test. In mere minutes, we can tell you exactly what is wrong with the car, and provide you with an estimate. Often times, we can even make the repair that day. Dashboard indicators can be indicative of a very serious problem, especially the oil light or check engine light, so do yourself a favor and take a couple minutes to have the car looked over.

We do understand a busy schedule here at Rainbow Auto, so we have flexible Saturday hours for those that cannot bring their vehicles in otherwise. If there is an insurance claim involved with the nature of the repair, we will contact your insurance company for you. If your car needs to stay with us for a few hours, overnight, or for days, we will set up a rental for you so you do to have to go without transportation. If it’s just a quick fix and you need to get back home or to your place of employment, we will gladly give you a ride.

Don’t ignore dashboard lights, oil changes, or tune ups, and keep your car running as good as new for many years to come. Make an appointment today at Rainbow Auto Center by calling (510) 581-1100. We provide any and all auto maintenance services in Hayward, CA, and want to make appointments and service as easy and convenient as possible.

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